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Wrist Braces


Different types of wrist braces and support


Wrist pain

Carpal Mate

The Carpal Mate Carpal Tunnel wrist support is lightweight and designed to maintain the wrist in a neutral position while allowing full finger dexterity

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Wrist Brace

Designed to limit movement after a fracture. Features a removable aluminum splint.

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Arthritis Wrist Support

Arthritis Wrist Support

Designed with an adjustable velcro closure to allow arthritis sufferers ease of use and compression variation.

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Occupational Wrist Support

Occupational Wrist Support

Provides moderate support. Ideal for tasks that require extension, flexion and rotation of the wrist.

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Hospital Wrist Brace

Hospital Grade Suede Finish Wrist Brace

Recommended when stabilization of the wrist is needed after a wrist sprain, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Brace has a metal palmar stay that is orthopaedically designed to hold the wrist in the neutral "cock-up" position and prevents flexion.

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Nike Double Wrist Support

Wrist brace with 3mm thick Velcro fastening for sprained wrists. Ideal for sporting use.

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