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Everyday Life with Wrist Pain


Everyday Life with Wrist Pain


Wrist pain can make everyday activities difficult to perform however there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize the effect it has on your quality of life.


Writing can be painful for weak or injured wrists. you may wish to try roller ball pens as they move easier over paper. Setting up online banking can also help as you will be writing less cheques. Your bank may also be able to provide you with large sized cheque books which will help writing cheques easier. If you use a computer than it is recommended that you use a keyboard wrist rest and a wrist pad for your mouse. Click here to view examples.



A hands free phone or headset will allow you to talk without holding the phone. Also telephone with large keypads will requires much less effort to dial a number.


Getting Dressed

It is possible to acquire clothing with Velcro fasteners to allow you to get undressed easier. Other dressing aids include buttoners, can openers, elastic shoe laces and long shoe horns.


An electric can opener is a obvious way to reduce pressure to the wrist. Other coking utilities that can help are a bottle openers, lightweight dishes and pots, ergonomic knifes that put less stress on you wrist.


You can install wider handles for the bath or sink that allow you to turn them on by pushing the handles rather than turning them.



Recommended Products for Wrist Pain


Hospital Wrist Brace


Hospital Grade Suede Finish Wrist Brace

Recommended when stabilization of the wrist is needed after a wrist sprain, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Brace has a metal palmar stay that is orthopaedically designed to hold the wrist in the neutral "cock-up" position and prevents flexion.



Pro Lite Wrist Splint

The Pro Lite is wrist splint is ideal for weak wrists after wrist tendonitis. Stabilizes the wrist while still allowing full movement of the fingers


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