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Ganglion Wrist Cyst


A ganglion cyst is a small lump on the wrist and are usually attached to either a tendon sheath or a joint lining. Ganglion cysts usually appear on the back of the wrist, although they may be on the underside of the wrist. They are nearly always harmless but can be very painful. The ganglion is filled with a fluid similar to that which lubricates joints. The lump can be soft or hard and tend to go away on their own.



  • The exact cause of an ganglion wrist in unknown but the consensus among health professionals is that they occur after injury.



  • The doctor should be able to confirm the diagnosis from the appearance of the cyst but may remove a small amount of fluid to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Most ganglion cysts go away without treatment.
  • It is suggested that you wear a splint on your wrist. Ganglion cysts usually get smaller with less activity, and larger with more activity.
  • Surgery can be performed to remove the cyst. This is done when cysts are large and unsightly or painful. They may return even after properly performed surgery.



Wrist braces and splints are effective forms of treatment as they prevent over use of the area which allows the ganglion cyst to resolve itself.


Recommended Products for Wrist Ganglion Cysts


Pro Lite Wrist Splint

The Pro Lite is wrist splint is ideal for weak wrists due to a cyst.. Stabilizes the wrist while still allowing full movement of the fingers



Durable lightweight knitted elastic provides support with flexibility for a cyst.


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