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Finger Splint

Adjustable foam and wire finger splint assists the motion of extension. Use it to return the finger to full extension after active flexion.

Use to position the finger in full extension during recovery from an injury. Proximal edge is positioned under the MP head. Distal edge rests midway between the PIP and DIP joint.

Sizing: Measure distance from distal palmar crease to DIP joint crease.

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Single Armchair

A dynamic splint with a coil design for PIP joint flexion contractures, which allows DIP joint to be free for active range of movement. The shorter, stronger spring supports PIP, leaving the DIP joint free to flex.

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Double Armchair

A double armchair design for index/middle or middle/ring fingers which maintains assisted extension at the PIP joint while allowing active flexion. A dynamic splint with coil design for PIP and DIP joint flexion contractures and Boutonnaire's deformity. Can be used for soft tissue injury affecting the PIP joint with a possible flexion deformity.

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Flexion Splint

Dynamic finger splint providing flexion control.

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Deluxe Finger Flexion

Soft, comfortable stretch nylon fabric with eyelets at finger tips. Use to increase flexion of MP, PIP and DIP. Comes with 4 rubber bands. Traction glove has a hook to attach rubber bands on the leather-back hook and loop wrist strap. Deluxe version has hook tabs that attach to Soft Touch Velfoam loop at wrist for flexibility of finger positioning. Sold individually.

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Cone and Finger Separator

This hand support is designed to protect the user's fingers and palm by preventing their hand from closing too tightly. It has a firm cone-shaped insert that rests in the palm and is held in place with an elastic strap that fits over the knuckles.

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Digi Flex

Ergonomically designed finger and grip strengthening device, with individual spring resistance for each finger which allows specific finger strengthening or grip strengthening of all fingers. Ideal for rehabilitation following finger and hand injuries or as a general strengthening device for musicians, climbers and ball handling athletes.

When to use it

Ideal for hand, finger and forearm exercises and help to strengthen grip, increase dexterity and mobility, while improving fine and gross motor skills.

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Finger Helper

Finger Helper provides for preferential strengthening of weaker
fingers while excluding stronger fingers from the exercise process. Range of motion can be varied by insertion of a single
spacer peg. The narrow-frame size makes it ideal for paediatric patients or others with small hands. Includes colour-coded
elastic bands for varied resistance, a spacer peg and instructions
for use.

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